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All in due time

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MalteseTerriereThere is something about Christmas and holiday time spent with your family that really tugs at your heart strings. Add in 3 (yes 3) engagement announcements to that potent mix and you can get yourself a wee bit worked up. This is precisely what happened to me. I was thinking about the big 3: engagement, marriage, and children. You could say my biological clock went into overdrive. When in fact just a mere few weeks prior to this vacation, I had been thinking about how cute puppies are and how even though I’d really like to have one, my lifestyle … Continued

Love at first site

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IMG_3607I swear I have the best readers. Miriam emailed me this link to this blog, Beau + Aero, that has never crossed my radar before and it was immediate love at first sight site. It stems from a boutique based in LA (of course) between a model and a jewelry designer who wanted to make a store to house cool stuff they like. They call their personal style “Native prep,” which I think is super fun. Their blog is fresh and fun which I am sure is just like their store. Above are just a few images from some of … Continued

Cause you gotta have faith

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While my holidaze aren’t officially over, they are quite near death. I have come back from BC to where I spent 10 blissful days with my family and enjoyed the comforts of being back “home”. During that time I was able to take some time to myself away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and do some yearly reassessing of my life. I had a great brunch with a dear cousin who started this journey with me and it was picked up when she read my palms and we discussed what she saw. It was my first … Continued

Christmas confession

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LAST-NIGHTI haven’t been very dedicated to reading lately. In fact my “reading” has been listening to audio books while traveling here and there. My down time is spent on Twitter, Facebook and email. I have been a very naughty girl. To try to turn this around I’ve installed the Kobo reader on my iPhone and read books on there when I get a chance while waiting at the doctor’s office and before I go to sleep. My latest reads have been okay but I haven’t read anything that makes me excited to go to bed early so I can get … Continued

The tales of four suitcases

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IMG_4563My three months of fall travel all started so neat and tidy with an outfit for every occasion and special consideration for the weather and time of year. That took me off to a few places in Ontario and on some small planes where they don’t even pull up to the airport. They make you brave the cold and go outside. Oh Timmins airport! Then my large Roots luggage suitcase (that was brand new and borrowed btw) decided that it had a pulley that did not want to go down anymore. It just wouldn’t go back in no matter how … Continued

It’s a wrap

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3-Nov2009-JohnCullenI saw these stunning photographs in a House & Home Magazine last November. It reminded me of a season that I was a prop stylist assistant and during holiday shoots I was given the great honour of wrapping the gifts because I could do it like a pro. I spent years of creating the perfectly polished present. I would scour for beautiful wrap and have even gone as far as creating my own wrapping paper with vintage style photocopied photos and added gold accents. My favourite classic is to use plain brown postal paper and elegant ribbons and decals to … Continued

My xmas wish list

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MintGlazeFXThis is one of my favorite posts in the year. Not only because it’s full of all of the wonderful things that I truly am lusting after, but because it sets intention. Last year was my first year doing my top 12 things that I wanted, and you know what? I got 8/12 of them. Pretty nice odds. Not all of them were for Christmas, and not all were gifts, but I still was happy to get those things I felt I needed/wanted most. So this year it’s not so much as an xmas wish list as it is a … Continued

Oh oh oh she’s my calendar girl

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NR-CalendarWell I know I’ve already mentioned this calendar in my Gift guide for him … but I felt like it did deserve it’s own post. Last year I spent a day with Nadya Kwandibens taking some photos for this here Native Reflections calendar. I haven’t seen the photos since that hot summer day but I’ve definitely been waiting for this calendar release. So if you are interested in seeing some Native girls do their best at posing in front of a camera, then be sure to pick this calendar up. It’s only $9 so it’s easy to pick up a … Continued

Gift guide for children

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Poneasequa1. Poneasequa Book by Stephanie A. Duckworth-Ellio via the Heard Museum. $13. This book is for ages 9-12 and tells the tale of a young Native girl trying to fit in. She learns of her Wampanoag culture and comes to terms with being herself and being proud of her Native American heritage. A great story for those who face daily trials of fitting in today’s society. 2. Coyote Falls in Love with a Star Book by Marty Kreipe de Montano (Potawatomi) and illustrated by Tom Coffin (Potawatomi-Creek) via Native Museum of American Indians. $15. This book is a part of the … Continued

Gift guide for him

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Bill-Reid1. Bill Reid Latte Mug by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. $10.  For the coffee loving man, why not give him a gorgeous Bill Reid mug? It sure beats that Homer Simpson one he’s been holding onto. This design is the “Children of the Raven”, which was designed by Bill Reid in 1976 and it celebrates the creation of humankind by Raven. That we he can start each day with not only a reminder of you, but also a reminder for the appreciation of life.   2. Native Reflections Calendar. $15. Well what young Native man doesn’t want to have a … Continued

Gift guide for her

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Screen-shot-2010-12-07-at-9.18.07-PM1. Dey & Nite CD. $8.  It’s actually shocking that this ‘Twin Pop Sensation’ hasn’t been signed yet. These Mexican American/Spanish Arapapho twins have a whole lot of voice and an uber-fun pop sound that will get the girl in your life dancing in the kitchen.  2. ‘Pueblo Trival Cloud’ Earrings by GrayFox Creations. $15. These bright and colourful earrings are sure to cheer up the fashionista chica in your life. The earrings design is Pueblo (Cochiti) Tribal design that symbolizes the oncoming rain clouds followed by a downpour or trail of rain to nourish “The People” and Mother Earth. … Continued

An Indian Christmas

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Native-Snowman1So I have been thinking a lot of Christmas lately since I am finally going back home to spend the holidaze with my family for the very first time in three years! So you might say I’ve gotten a bit of that ‘ole spirit back. Last year I started the Gift Guide series, where I selected a top 10 list of gift items for men, women, and children. Last year I noted the companies that were *Native owned, and this year I thought I’d highlight all Native artists and companies and chose all of my top 10 gifts in this … Continued

To BANG or not to BANG that is ze question …

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BANG-blogRecently, I’ve been having a change of heart about my bang situation … I cut them only 2.5 months ago and loved them. But then they grew out in 2 weeks. I was traveling and unable to make it to my stylist. Short sideswept bangs became the order of the day. Since the first parting of the long Pocahontas hair I’ve had 2 bang trims, which means my bang look has really only been seriously on for about 3 weeks. It all seems so high maintenance, and let’s not even get into the fact that I think my forehead has … Continued

Cougar crazy

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imgLet’s talk about a few things that were hot in the eighties: 1) Cougars when they were young 2) Cougar boots Okay maybe we’ll just move on to the second topic at hand. I don’t remember the Cougar boots of the eighties. I do however have faint memories of how I wasn’t that into the idea of purchasing Cougar boots. They seemed old, stuffy and not that hip. But much like cougar #1, they got a facelift! Matchstick sent me a few pairs of the new and improved Cougar boots to test and out and see how I like them. … Continued