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Facebook Flirting II

Screen-shot-2010-09-26-at-12.13.22-AMWow it truly amazes me that I wrote about ‘Facebook Flirting’ for the first time over three months ago. Just where does the time go? So out of my very informal poll (which I am sure is mostly women), the results show that 21% of you think it’s creepy when someone tries to flirt with you on Facebook (undoubtedly when their default profile pic is a wolf, Hulk Hogan photo, mugshot, or a MySpace style self-pic shirtless in the bathroom). 17% of you think that Facebook flirting is considered cheating (oh applaud right answer in my books!). It was brought … Continued

Native actors on Degrassi

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tumblr_lbj6ysybgy1qdg8qzo1_500Last night I found myself watching Degrassi: The Next Generation the first time (yeah I know) and I wondered why there were no visible Native students on the show. Isn’t the show supposed to be inclusive, progressive and reflecting our Canadian mosaic? I posed the question on my social networks and got some great feedback. I am very happy to learn that Taysha Fuller, who plays Jess on Degrassi, is from Six Nations and is of First Nations descent. Although her character is not Native, at least there is some representation for the students to reflect the growing Canadian Aboriginal … Continued

Cool Stuff For Sale

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Thunderbird-Postcard_Page_1Native art, crafts, and fashion sale happening this weekend in Toronto, November 19-21. The opening reception is Friday from 6-8 PM at the Gladstone Hotel and will include Traditional Cree singer and artist Rosary Spence. Admission is by donation and door prizes featuring selected works from each of the artists will be awarded at the end of the event. Monies raised through admission will be used to fund Miziwe Biik’s Community Christmas program. The event is put on by the Thunderbird Aboriginal Arts, Culture and Entrepreneur Centre of Miziwe Biik. It will feature some of my favourite artists and brands … Continued

Catch My Dreams

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il_570xN.190239863I just came across a little bit of adorable this morning on my visit to le petit reve when I discovered one of her latest creations was curated by Etsy. It’s a Bear and Beaver Mobile 3D Dreamcatcher that is so creative and cute that it *almost* makes me want to have a baby right now. Okay I’ll have to settle for the next baby shower … but what a gift! The Toronto Native artist, Selena, will make one especially for you based on your nation/clan or just what animals that you like. The sacred hoop is hand bent with pussy … Continued

Boston Bitches

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100_1254 Waiting for our brunch The lights at Tremont 647 had me starry eyed. After spending an entire day on Harvard campus I was anxious to get out and explore Boston a little bit last Sunday afternoon. I met up with Skaruianewah Charlotte Logan at Tremont 647. I entered the place and the servers were in PJs and the music was blaring. We had to wait over half an hour to get a table but it was well worth it, plus we found an orange-tastic way to whittle away our time. I started talking to Charlotte on FB when she was … Continued

That’s So Ivy

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IMG_5037 Was trying to have a ‘Legally Blonde’ moment I had the fantastic experience last weekend as I was invited to speak at Harvard University to the All Ivy Native Council Summit about Indigenous Peoples involved in social media. To say that the experience was amazing is a serious undersell. It was my first time in Boston and at Harvard. I got to meet so many fantastic students and Shelly Lowe who is the Executive Director of the Native American Program at Harvard University. This trip fulfilled me personally and professionally on so many different levels. My talk on social media … Continued