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My Whereabouts

Categories: Travel

IMG_4582You’ll have to excuse my postings, whereabouts and basically all forms of communication being a little light these days. It seems that this is now my “normal mode”. I am traveling all over the province of ON (and a little more) for work and that’s me above packing my stuff around and trying to keep my composure. For some reason when I travel I like to take pictures of my packed luggage or my items spread across the bed just before I place them in the suitcase. I believe that it really tells the story of what kind of travels … Continued

Baby Steps

Categories: Native

Chilcotin-Map“The spirits in the graveyard can’t show me where my mother lies, and I will not let them persuade me to return here. But I know who I am. Marginal person, misfit, mutant, nevertheless I am of this country, these people. I have used their strengths. I have wrestled to the earth their weaknesses that have echoed in me … [I] recall with startling clarity and longing every detail of the land, the river, the people … Alaska is my talisman, my strength, my spirit’s home. Despite loss and disillusion, I count myself rich, fertile, and magical. I tell you now. … Continued