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Fish Out Of Water

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TroyOne day last week I found myself watching Fish Out of Water on APTN and caught a pretty good episode which had Troy Earthchild Dressyman-Lavalle Askiawasis (Plains Cree) on it. There was another guy on it too and the two of them do tour guides at Fort Edmonton. Here is a clip below if you are interested in it. This episode replays on September 15th at 1 PM if you need a reason to visit Edmonton.

Moon Time

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Clothes-PhotoA lot has been said about moon time in traditional teachings and one day I do hope to explore that further, but for today I am talking fashion. I am now almost six weeks deep in my new joband have had a little time to reflect on what kind of wardrobe changes are in store for me. Photo courtesy of Nelia from Me, Citlally, and Nelia Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of a new moderate line, Moon, by the Mimran Group which is sold at The Bay. Clearly I am already a … Continued

Facebook Flirting

facebook_1510124cYou remember that scene in He’s Just Not That Into You where they break it to Drew Barrymore that MySpace is the new booty call? Well I beg to differ. Especially since MySpace is well so 2008 and so 2000 late. Well I don’t really consider Facebook to be the new booty call I might just be out of my league since I have been off the market since, well, 2008. But here’s what I do ponder in this online world we call social media, what do you consider cheating? My last relationship ended because of Facebook. Seriously. Well clearly … Continued

All I need is just a little …

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Native-Book-Cover-Fade-copy“We have no patience with other people’s vanity because it is offensive to our own.“ Francois de La Rochefoucauld Anyone who knows me well knows that patience is not a virtue that I hold near and dear. Perhaps I’m just a product of my millenial generation and simply want everything now. No actually yesterday. I still am fuming over the fact that I don’t hold the new iPhone 4 in my hands but I digress … I am simply not the girl who waits around passively for what she wants. I see it, I want it and I go get … Continued

LA Dia 3

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Charlie-Backyard-PoseIt was my final day of LA and I was in a blissful mood but resistant to going home. Exhausted from the marathon of a day on Saturday, I decided to sleep in and took a little rest in the backyard of the abode where we resided for our short trip. Lemons growing in your backyard. Now that is awesome. California girl at heart. Final car pose I swear. Oh okay well this is the last one … This is where we stayed. Swear to gawd. Just off of Canada Blvd. Thought we should pay homage to our country at … Continued

LA Dia 2

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Green-BrekkieThe past week has seen me curled up in a fetal position so I’m mucho late with this second post of the LA series. Lo siento. The second day in LA started with a very early breakfast at Hugo’s Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. I researched gluten-free friendly places and this one came up on Chowhound so I was all over it. I had this uber-healthy green omelette with Kale, sprouts and quinoa. I was feeling very “LA” by not eating slabs of bacon and diner eggs. R, however, felt differently and decided to go for these nachos disguised as breakfast. … Continued

LA Dia 1

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Airport-ArrivalSo last weekend I finally got to cash in that free flight to LA. I was so psyched to go fly away for just a few days, it all felt so decadent! I managed to get all my stuff into a carry-on with room for shopping too. Virgin America flights are so cool and you feel like you are in a nightclub in the sky. Ok well not quite but at least they have cool disco lights and pop music playing in the background. But they do have this chat thingy were you can chat with anyone else on the … Continued