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I’m a Champagne-Cognac kind of girl

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Sidecar-Partio-Hyatt@NickyStyx and I headed on over to the Courvoisier event last week at Park Hyatt hotel. It was surprisingly my first visit to their rooftop and although I didn’t make my way over to the public side, judging by the beautiful views up there I am sure I will be back for more Toronto city views. The tables were fully stocked with goodies to have a mix off Jessie Banwait of Sartorial Savillian at the “winning” table. His blue linen jacket was awesome. Sidecars started off the night. There was a mix-off competition after our tasting of the Courvoisier VS … Continued

Stripped Down

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cover-fx-set  Last week I went out for my first raw food dinner at Rawlicious with @a_mandolin and @erisb. It was pretty amazing because I have been dying to go to this resto for a long time as I want to start incorporating raw food into my eating regime more and figured I’d be inspired by this healthy place. Both Amanda and Eris saw my desire to do this via Twitter and so we scheduled a #RawTO Tweet up. For those not Twitter inclined, a Tweet up is when you meet people from Twitter in your city IRL. It was my … Continued

Exactly right here, right now

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Shopping-Around-NiagaraI survived! It has now been two weeks at the new job and I must tell you that I really feel like it is exactly the right place for me. There are moments where I just inherently know that this is precisely what I am supposed to be doing. And while I may wistfully wonder about how close I could be to “fashion closets” or be auditioning for roles, I feel solid in my choice. I know that I am contributing to the greater good and striving for a change agent instead of a free agent. And what a choice … Continued

Hi my name is Charlie and I am addicted to …

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nurdThe problem is that I like learning just way too much to ever stop. Like ever. I am constantly moving from one subject to another. First was fashion, I read literally every single fashion-related book I could get my hand on when I was in high school. Then I got to Ryerson for Fashion Communication and I was totally immersed in fashion. I was told then to live, breathe, eat fashion. So what happened? I got bored of fashion and became obsessed with interiors. I wanted to then be an interior designer, or at least I pondered what that would … Continued

Shhh Don’t Tell Anyone I Cheated!

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Photo-55Yes it’s true. I was an absolute whore tart over the weekend and I cheated. For the first time in over a year, I felt like it might, just might, be okay to cheat and no one would be the wiser. You know that point where you just get so comfortable and you feel like you need a little excitement to spice things up and you can do no wrong? It all started with an uncertain sausage. There was serious bbq action at the cottage over the weekend, and this time there smokies. You know those spicy weird things that … Continued

The Dust Has Settled

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Grad-Pic-1It seems like just yesterday I was in the convocation ceremony feeling terrified that I might never go to school again. As those grad students and PHD students received their diplomas I felt full of envy. Me too, me too! Well not quite yet but it’s certainly on the bucket list … But wait, it was only three weeks ago that I donned my cap and felt full of pride and realized that all of the hard work was really worth it. And now tomorrow I begin a new chapter of my life. My adult life some might even dare … Continued

G20 Thoughts

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20100624-G20-Protest3The G20 fences have finally come down, and I have decided to get off the fence. I generally back down from any political debate as it irritates and annoys me most of the time and I am such a research nerd that I generally need to take time to research both sides of any issue. I really try to flesh out a subject before I can formulate a strong opinion. And even then, I am far from an activist. Though I am concerned about issues, my idea of “taking action” is reading everything that has ever been written on the subject … Continued