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Beige on Beige

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Photo-353Sometimes you make life choices and you are really not sure whether you made the right move but yet you move along and hope for the best. I have made a bold move in my career (deets to be revealed in an upcoming post) and I feel excited and happy and then the next day, I wonder if it’s the right thing. I would think that this is quite normal especially since it is my first “real job” fresh out of university (second round). I felt ultimately that I am choosing my community first and also making wise decision for … Continued

HollyHood Bound

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2007-los-angeles-0832Fear not my beloved Torontonians, I am not jumping ship just yet … but I am heading off to the City of Angels next month for a weekend of fun in the sun. Since I finished school I have been having a huge lust on LA but my practical side was waiting it out to make my move. Thankfully I got an email over a week ago from Virgina America saying that I was eligible for a free trip to LA or San Fran! I, of course, was freaking out and trying to book for this big Virgin party in … Continued

Not that Foxy

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RainMeganMegan Fox’s dream role is to be a Native lesbian superhero. Well who doesn’t want to be? All kidding aside, seriously who is she trying to fool? She said that she would love to be Sarah Rainmaker of ‘Gen 13′. This Apache character from the comic series is able to manipulate weather and the movement of water with her thoughts, as well as being good at combat. Rainmaker is also a peace-seeking activist. “She’s a Native American and I have a little bit of that blood in me,” she said. “It would be a bit of a stretch – but … Continued


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maplargeSo now I am a university graduate. Yipee! This is an exciting time for me as well as a scary time. I have oh about 5 months before I have to start paying back the looming student loans. I know what you are thinking … “But don’t all Indians get to go to school for free?” Well no. While I did have a lot of help from Alexis Creek Indian Band to support my education, it was not nearly enough to actually live on, especially in Toronto. Enter student loans. My hope (and advice) for future students is that they … Continued

What’s Happening? … Nothing Actually

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SpyTonight I decided to stay in my temporary new abode all by my lonesome. My apartment is going through some major reno right now as my bedroom roof decided to become a replica of Niagara Falls. Not awesome. And so I thought I’d take in a quiet night alone. I, in fact, love my nights alone and have always loved them. I spent so many nights in as a teenager content with a pile of fashion mags and a few new rentals from the local video store. Or at least I convinced myself I was content and was not a … Continued

It’s In The Bag

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il_430xN.149097476Father’s Day is just around the corner and I came across these Native hipster toiletry bags and I thought perfect! Well if you order *right now* you might still be a little late … but better late than never right? See Timberline LTD’s line of Pendleton toiletry bags on Etsy here.

G(irls)20 Summmit

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G20-HappyAnyone who lives in Toronto knows that being “selected” as the host city of this event sucks. Security measures that include closing down half of the city, removing trees in case they will turn into weapons, and protests abound are enough to send any smart Torontonian running for the weekend. I in fact, will be heading just slightly west of the city to my own private resort of sorts to escape the insanity. But wait, there is a beacon of hope amidst all the muck. Today the G(irls)20 Summit started, where they bring out 20 representatives from each G20 country … Continued

Enter Julia Jones

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julia-jones-da-man-magazine-02And the Twilight Saga continues … Julia Jones landed the role of Leah Clearwater and she’s off to great start with these smoking shots from DaMan Magazine. I am looking forward to following this starlet’s career!

But No More Bannock II

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Tanka-Bar-YummyOn Monday I had the great opportunity to be on Native America Calling (thanks Allison!) to talk about a gluten-free lifestyle. The entire topic at hand was Raw or AlterNative Diets with myself and Brett Ramey as guests. It was a great time and I hoped that I might have encouraged someone to try a gluten-free lifestyle. It has been almost a year now since I have been gluten-free (which I wrote about here) and I can hardly believe it’s been so long. It wasn’t really that hard in the beginning for me to quit eating gluten because I knew … Continued

World Environment Day

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North-VanOld school pic of me in North Vancouver. I love the lush green forests and lakes in BC. Today is World Environment Day and I am thinking of all the environmental causes that are out there today. The BP oil spill certainly comes to mind, but today I am bringing the sentiments closer to home. Now you know that I have been ranting discussing about Taseko Mines Limited’s proposed Prosperity Mine on the traditional Tsilhqot’in territory of Fish Lake. I have been feeling very passionate against this mine which has really opened up my eyes to not only how tied … Continued

Shannon Baker in Kylie Minogue Video

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28804_389004582917_500237917_4128076_8215158_nJust in case you are not already an FB fan of the fabulous Carrier Déné Shannon Baker of the Baker Twins you might not have heard about her debut in the new Kylie Minogue video. She is the Native girl with the gorgeous long brown locks and she’s hard to miss. She has been in LA from Vancouver for just over two months and starting to make major waves. I am excited to hear about the new projects she has coming up. Wound a knee Shannon! To see the video (EMI Music disabled embed) you have to visit the link … Continued

Q’orianka’s Message to Obama

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049It seems the older I get, the more in tune I become with the environment and the more I see the damage that is created in our earth, the more I weep. I have been closely keeping my eye on what is happening with Taseko Mines Limited and their proposed gold-copper mine on Tsilhqot’in territory.  This situation has affected me more than I realized. Last week I had the experience of being introduced to the owner of a mining company who extracts from Mexico while at a swanky cocktail joint downtown Toronto. As soon as I found out this person … Continued