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Identity Crisis

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PonderingLately I have been a little quiet, and some would say too quiet. I have had a lot on my mind. It seems that I am going through an identity crisis of sorts since I finished classes about a month ago. Immediately after finishing, I dove into a conference where I was the volunteer coordinator. It was seriously profess, and I haven’t let up that manner just yet. Maybe I have my game face on. I now it is a common thing when you finish classes to feel confused because you lose a label. “Student.” Now I am what exactly? … Continued

Tara Gill in FASHION Magazine

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resizedSportingLife1Mohawk model Tara Gill did an editorial spread last month with local photog dynamo Moo and Toronto stylist George Antonopolous for FASHION Magazine. Here are a few of my favorite looks, you can check out more here. I love following Tara’s career as she reaches soaring new heights.


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Screen-shot-2010-05-14-at-2.12.31-PMTalk about being behind on blogging … here is a post I wanted to do over the weekend but you know my work-a-what came first and I had to prioritize and shift away from the blogosphere for a few days week. Anywhoo, here is my horoscope from Facebook for last Friday. If you don’t have it yet for your FB, get it, it is surprisingly accurate a large percentage of the time and you can hide it from visitors to your page so you don’t look like a flake (unless you make blog posts about it and then clearly show … Continued

Un-Headdress Me

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100402vman6  I have been holding onto this image for a while. Today was the tipping point. Fashionising decided to post about playing dressup i.e. re-enacting genocide. We all know how much fun that is! What’s next romanticizing The Holocaust?   From Russia Vogue February 2010 Don’t even get me started on this “spread”


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workaholicLately it seems my life has been a blur. And by lately, I mean pretty much all of 2010. It has been a grueling time balancing full-time school, part-time freelance work, and trying to have a social life. And while I have succeeded on the former, I have failed on the latter. As I take stock on my friendships and the people in my life I realize that I have been such a workaholic this year that I have severely neglected numerous friends and fun-filled opportunities. I have managed to get out some but haven’t made the best efforts in … Continued

Whoa what a feeling …

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GLobeMail Pic of the G&M story Today I was awoken with a phone call congratulating me on being featured in the Globe & Mail article ‘Native bore the brunt of job losses, study shows.’ It is a bittersweet moment as the statistics show that Aboriginals are losing out in jobs in the recent economic downturn. That’s the conclusion of a new report from Statistics Canada, and it is evident in such cities as Prince George, B.C., heavily reliant on the forestry industry, where the faltering economy wiped out jobs – and most frequently the jobs of aboriginals. Well both of my … Continued

Massive Attack

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IMG_2964Massive light show at Massive Attack My last concert (end of April) was Hot Chip at the Kool Haus, where The XX opened up for them. I was stoked for the music and loved The XX but you know what I realized? That I am either too old or too snobby for general admission concerts (and possibly both). While the music was great, the sound was terrible, and it was so very crowded it made me wish that I actually took Xanax.  So glad I wasn’t in the front of that mess So when I was invited to see Massive … Continued

Skin Care 101

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Screen-shot-2010-05-08-at-3.24.34-PM~Guest post by Rachelle White Wind~   Having good skin can be related to good genes, a good diet, 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water and good skin care products. Bad skin can be caused by numerous events such as, too much alcohol, smoking, eating too much gluten or dairy, not enough water, poor hygiene and the list continues. So here are recommended products that may help you obtain a healthy glow for all skin types.  Aging/Wrinkly Skin: This happens when the skin loses it’s elasticity due to lack of hydration, sun damage, exercise or even stress. You want … Continued

Rachel Roy nods to American Indian Women

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Screen-shot-2010-05-08-at-1.03.43-PMI know the Met ball is so yesterday it is actually already last week, but I wanted to share a tiny tidbit with you. Rachel Roy, fabulous American fashion designer, wore a little piece of Native history to the Met ball last Monday. Metropolitan Museum of Art Ball had a theme: “American Women: Fashioning a National Identity” in honour of their current exhibit.  The exhibit will run from May 5, 2010 to August 15, 2010, and it will take a closer look at American women from 1890-1940 and how these women have influenced our perceptions of the modern woman. And … Continued

LG Innovators Ball

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Lisa-Nicole-Classic Nicole and I with our dry-ice, sticky sweet drinks My love affair for Twitter was once again re-ignited after a brief hiatus as I worked a week actually away from my computer. I followed the lovely folks at @InnovatorsBall and won two tickets to the LG Innovators Ball which was held at (and in support of) the Ontario Science Center.  Nicole at the Harry Potter exhibit Luckily for one of my partners in crime, Nicole, the Harry Potter exhibit was going on and she was a big, no huge, fan. She wore the Sorting Hat  and found out I’m a … Continued

Tiio Horn Shows Up in Chatelaine

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Chatelaine-May-2010In the May 2010 issue of Chatelaine, we find the lovely Kaniehtiio Horn (also known as Tiio, pronounced Dee-o) from Kahnawake, QC. This young actor has been fine tuning her craft for over seven years, and was in “Leslie, My Name is Evil” which was a part of the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.  While this is not her first time having mainstream press covering her, but a mention in a national monthly magazine is a great way to get this Mohawk girl’s career moving into high gear.

Inclusion Works 2010

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Screen-shot-2010-05-04-at-2.17.46-PMLast year I had the honor of being selected as a graduate for Inclusion Works ’09, which took place last April in Vancouver (I had anticipated graduating after the fall semester in 2009 but I digress ….). This year I was invited back to Inclusion Works ’10 as a Young Indigenous Professional (YIPs) volunteer coordinator. It was an amazing experience for all involved in this event, whether they be recent graduates, alumni from last year, presenters, or those who are a part of the Aboriginal Human Resources Council (who put on the event). The event allowed all involved to see … Continued