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Social Media Success

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n48908785_45427501_713417 The view from IW ’09 hotel – Sheraton Wall Today I am giving a talk on social networking’s role in the job search to 86 recent Aboriginal graduates from across Canada. It is my second presentation on social networking (the last one was on Twitter for my online cultures anthropology class) and I must admit I am a tad nervous … Jeremy Belyea (keynote YIP) and I last year Last year’s networking reception – the Baker twins, Alana and I. I chose a really bad night to have bad fashion …  (I was trying too hard to be “professional”) I … Continued

A Wilde Saturday morning

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GWIt was another Wilde Saturday for me, but this time I chose the morning slot. I PVR’d A Good Woman sometime in the last week in high hopes I would have time to watch it but it didn’t work out until yesterday morning, when I could simultaneously research for articles and watch the flick (which is how I frequently sneak in my television and movie watching as of late). Sex, scandal, Scarlett, and society … it had it all. But the true draw for me was the wit and the humour, not unlike last week’s viewing of The Importance of … Continued

Did I Miss Something?

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horoscopeThis horoscope today has me wondering if life really does place you exactly where you are for a greater reason, or a greater purpose. You see if you don’t already know I was supposed to be at Gathering of Nations and today would have been my second day there. Just hanging, chilling, checking out the scene. Meeting other Native people from all across Turtle Island. Instead of that, my day was spent in front of my iMac working on an essay about the Wii Fit women of the world. So there was no “community” that I really connected with today, … Continued

Body Shop Bonanza

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Body-Shop Photos courtesy of the Body Shop A certain little birdie told me that tonight the Body Shop is celebrating it’s 30 years in Canada downtown Toronto. Said cocktail soiree is to be influenced by their new “world” collection, called Spa Wisdom. A few weeks back I received a few goodies from this collection and can’t attend the celebration, I thought today is the perfect day to celebrate and share the love! In one week I will draw from the list of ladies (sorry guys I am working on something for you) that “like” the Urban Native Girl Stuff FB page. … Continued

Feeling Those Festivals

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coachellaRachelBilsonRachel Bilson and her Navajo rug style bag  Umm is that a one strap backpack circa early ’90s? Paris Hilton and her Navjajo-inspired dress Complete with a dayglow headband and peacock feather earrings of course All that Coachella action last weekend has got me thinking of summer, fashion, and outdoor msuic festivals. Style Blog posted these pics above of the celebrity style at the famous California music festival. Lou Lou Magazine jumped on the bandwagon and put out their list ‘Music Festivals: Get the look‘ on their blog, which included the requisite romper plus a headress tee. Wildfox Couture Tee … Continued

Toronto: Come get your free FX

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viewerIf you are free and in Toronto tomorrow then you definitely want to head on down to Eaton’s Centre to get your free Conceal FX. I haven’t tried this particular concealer but pretty much anything they put out is awesome and will get your skin flawless and photo-ready. To take part you can join their FB page or follow their Twitter account to figure out exactly where they will be located. I know that they have done this in NYC and I must say that this is one Canadian beauty company that is really getting social media as well as … Continued

‘Totem’ erects in Montreal

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Screen-shot-2010-04-20-at-12.44.45-PMDo you see what I see? Yes that’s Nakotah LaRance, award winning hoop dancer in the poster for a Cirque Du Soleil show. Excited much? I know I am. The video link is here The show opens this Thursday, April 22nd in Montreal. Somehow this massive show opening had escaped my eyes until last night when I tweeted about it. And then those clever social media folks at Cirque tweeted me back and I really got excited.  Excerpt from Toronto Star While the show is titled ‘Totem’ it is actually a more encompassing type of reference. It is about “man … Continued

Digging Roots wins a Juno

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DiggingRootsASo in case you aren’t following me on Twitter or haven’t heard the fantastic news … Digging Roots won a Juno for Aboriginal Album of the year! A big congrats for them since they were up against some stiff competition, including rawker Lucie Idlout and R&B songstress Inez. I can’t wait until the day that the Juno Awards begins presenting this award on it’s televised portion of the show. I do feel that as the First Nations population and presence increases in Canada, that this will happen. I am so happy for Digging Roots as they have personally been such … Continued

GON Gone … again

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SadBWI must have some sort of weird relationship with Gathering of Nations now. I have been wanting to go for like five years now and last year I was pretty much all set to go. But then a touring Broadway audition in New York whisked me away on another journey, and I couldn’t refuse the opportunity. This year I had my flight and hotel booked months in advance, and was sure that nothing would keep me away. I even started having dreams of all the turquoise jewelry I would acquire whilst in New Mexico … And then I signed a … Continued

A Wilde Saturday night

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Photo-on-2010-04-02-at-21.20-5 Last night was all planned, my boyfriend was going to take me out for a romantic dinner to Cowbell, a restaurant I love. I hadn’t been there since my birthday and we were feeling like a reward was in order because I have been working so hard. But Saturday I woke up and started a shame spiral. I was totally into lying on the couch and watching movies and not into writing, working, reading, or researching. So instead of just enjoying the day, I laid around and felt totally guilty about it. Then I decided that I didn’t want to … Continued

Smurfs make me smile

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humbleindianI love artists who make things that make me laugh. I also love comedians who say things and make me laugh. I really love comedians who are artists who make things to make me laugh. Like these silly little Smurfs. Native Appropriations did a blog about them yesterday and it was so cute my little not-so-inner child just melted and wanted to have some. And then my digital buddy Ryan McMahon showed me his smurfs. And I laughed and chuckled and decided to share them with you. Perfect for a Friday non? They are now on my Amazon wish list. … Continued

Cree Calllingbull for Miss Universe 2010

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12327_10150158137075338_704875337_11604473_915967_nDid you hear? Ashley Callingbull is a final contestant for Miss Universe 2010. This 21-year-old beauty is Cree and was born and raised in Enoch, Alberta. Yeah I don’t know where that is either. Currently she is pursuing her BA in Drama at Concordia University College of Alberta in Edmonton (I hope she tried out for Twilight). It all goes down on June 14th when the 62 contestants take the stage and don their smiles and sequins. I know this is one I will actually be watching.  You can vote Ashley Callingbull for People’s Choice Award here (up to four … Continued

Gonna reccomend you to that Spirit in the Sky

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Thunderbird-Trio    I might have a little crush. Shhh don’t tell my Raven clan but lately I am digging this Thunderbird. He has started making appearances all over my sweaters and sweatshirts but now he is going to be on my iPhone. Which means he will never, ever leave my side. Except for our brief parting while I am in the shower but that is when he will sing to me via my not-Bose speaker set. Just this last week he went on sale as one of those ‘Rock-A-Skin’ stickers for your iPhone, iTouch or BlackBerry. I am going to … Continued

Friday Night Highlights

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MzakeupLast night I  was heading out to a Bonobo concert with my boyfriend and Katerryna and decided to base my entire outfit on my new Mary Jane Frances arrowhead necklace that I got in the mail this week. So I put on this Urban Outfitters silk top I bought a few weeks ago and added my requisite skinny Citizens of Humanity Jeans and a pair of comfy Nine West heels and I was ready to go. Almost. Of course I had to do my makeup and with a whole pile of new makeup from Maybelline via Matchstick, I couldn’t wait … Continued

Roundup 02.03

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15555_204244220699_152439735699_4516647_5937687_n1What a week of insanity! I had my last class and my final exam which is amazing. Less amazing is the fact that I have four essays to complete before I head off to Gathering of Nations on the 22nd of this month. Did I mention that I picked up a few contracts this month as well? Oh yeah and of course there’s my freelance writing as well … So needless to say this month is all about a lesson in DISCIPLINE. Which I think is a great thing to get on top of as I embark on my freelance … Continued