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Urban Natives

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6817_152595130699_152439735699_3985080_8111181_nPhoto by Nadya Kwandibens. I received a call from a woman from the CBC show ‘Connect with Mark Kelly’ on Monday. They were interested in interviewing people on camera about their experiences as an “Urban Aboriginal.” I talked with her for over twenty minutes about what that has meant for me and about my personal experiences. My father passed when I was just four years old and my mother moved my two brothers and I to off the reserve and to Williams Lake for a year and then eventually Abbotsford. That’s were I spent most of my formative years. I … Continued

Talking Headdresses

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Page-1  My girlfriend Kateryna told me of this Native-inspired spread in the Canadian version of Zink Magazine a few weeks back while we noshed at La Palette. I went out and got it right away but held back on posting it because of my mixed feelings. I loved the spread and have been inspired and excited to execute something similar since I started styling back in Vancouver. However, with all that Ke$ha headdress talk about appropriation just a few weeks ago, I questioned myself. Here is where I am supposed to insert my rant about how evil and horrible appropriation … Continued

Shoe shines me love you long time

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4864_796331568480_48908785_46334788_383247_nOh would you just look at the little mess I got myself into? I was about three or four years old in this picture and I was getting myself into some good old-fashioned trouble. I decided that I needed to polish my tan suede shoes, with black shoe polish nonetheless. I am not sure why, perhaps we were moving into late fall and I refused to wear tan any longer, or perhaps I saw my mother polishing her black shoes and thought it was a very smart thing to do. At some point my mother found me in this fashion … Continued

Kinnie Starr says "Kiss It"

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Screen-shot-2010-03-27-at-8.47.16-PM  Kinnie Starr ‘Kiss It.’ Video by hunterG Earlier this month I had the pleasure of seeing Kinnie Starr perform live right before Jay Manilowski (of Bedouin Soundclash) at the Rivoli in Toronto. It was a short set of about 4-5 songs, and she sang one of her new songs that hasn’t been recorded, and it was my favorite. The song is called “Kiss It” and it’s part of a hip-hop project that she is working on called ‘Roller Derby.’ This project is in response to pornography and it is all about sex from a women’s perspective. Don’t worry, it’s … Continued

Roundup 03.26

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26234_107813652570443_100000254254419_167304_1008456_nPhoto by Nadya Kwandibens So I had so much fun last weekend (as evidence shows above) but then I paid for it all week as I was basically grounded because of all my work. I managed to get back in the gym so that’s a good start in the right direction again. Basically my next month I will be working really, really hard and not getting to go out that much, but that’s okay because it’s great practise for me to continue on plugging away and getting closer and closer to my goals. I am thankful for all this work … Continued

Natural Remedies

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green-goddess-02-bear296 Photo from Self Magazine  ~Guest post by Rachelle White Wind~ We’re very fortunate to be able to live in a country that can offer practically any kind of vegetable or fruit any time of the year. Other then being good for you have you ever wondered how else these items can be beneficial to your daily life? Olive Oil Apply olive oil directly onto dry skin; you can add a few drops of essential oils to add some relaxing scents. For a hot oil treatment for your hair, warm the oil for a few seconds in the microwave and apply … Continued

Charlie Ballard gets his laughs off in Toronto

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l_ed068a5981df4200821f811ea7087fe8 Photo by Paolo Salazar Native American Comic Charlie Ballard is set to take part of the ‘Great Canadian Laugh Off’ put on by Yuk Yuk’s tonight, March 24, 2010. This Two-Spirited performer is set to take the stage at 8 PM and it’s only $12 to go check him out. He currently resides in Oakland, California so it’s one of the few times us Torontonians get to be graced by his presence. “I worry about dating white men. Not about getting HIV but about getting smallpox.” Ballard infuses his routine with his Two-Spirited identity with a lot of fun wit. … Continued

Join the movement: "How We Forgot Here"

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movementTonight is the opening night of an exciting new multi-arts performance about migration and memory put on by The Movement Project at Walnut Studios. The performance entitled “How We Forgot Here” runs at 8 PM every night until March 28, 2010 with two matinee shows on March 27-28 at 2 PM. It’s $15 in advance at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and $20 at the door. Eagle Airlines: Canada’s newest Indigenous-run airline? Sounds so intriguing. It also features Ojibway artist Eva-Rose Tabobondung. This is one performance that is sure to incite discussion. Don’t miss it. N.B. How We Forgot Here Facebook … Continued

Just who’s prosperity is it?

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teztan_biny_fish_lake_is_more_than_just_a_lake.png Photo from R.A.V.E.N. Trust Today is world water day and I am lead to think of matters close to home. Well my ancestral home that is. Today is also the date of the beginning of the Review Panel for the Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine proposal for 125 kilometers southwest of Williams Lake, BC. Taseko Mines limited is proposing one of the largest open pit gold-copper mines (Prosperity) in Canada in an area where the Tsilhqot’in people have a proven aboriginal rights claim. This proposal includes the destruction of Fish Lake for a tailings pond for toxic waste. Fish Lake is in … Continued

Urban Warrior: Winter Wood

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21950_232236394569_587099569_3001775_493797_nWinter Wood is from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community of Arizona.  Winter is a graphic designer and world traveler.  He tells UNGS the ten things he can’t live without. 1. Sade   Although I listen to any genre of music, I pretty much have Sade on the repeat of my iPod. 2. My backyard My backyard is a big playground! I can do whatever I want without any complaints, whether it’s a midnight run on the dirt bike or a late night swim in the pool (them AZ summer nights get hot!). 3. The Gym Staying in shape is a … Continued

Tamara Podemski’s got that star power

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58398 Photos from Ask Men Did you know that Ojibway actress Tamara Podemski was nominated for Best Supporting Female for her role in Four Sheets to the Wind at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards?  I reviewed that film for Reel Artsy last year so you can read that review here. If you haven’t seen that movie, you should really consider buying the DVD because I was blown away by how powerful she was as Miri Smallhill. Podemski was nominated alongside Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Marisa Tomei and Cate Blanchett who took the prize home. How amazing is it that this … Continued

MTV made my Monday

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JessiThinDan  My week was off to an amazing start. On Monday I got to go on a field trip to MTV Canada and watch a taping of The Aftershow where they interviewed Kelly Cutrone. First of all Casie Stewart, the MTV social media girl, invited a bunch of us Toronto Blog Girls to get dressed by Peach Beserk for the event which was super fun because the lead-up hype to the event was almost as much fun as the actual day. So I had on a pretty party frock to watch the taping. I can’t wait to get Kelly Cutrone’s … Continued

I think I have a heart on

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6a00e54ef96453883401310fc1279d970c-800wiKate Moss did a shoot with Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Homme for their spring/summer International edition. It’s ridiculously hot. It reminded me of when Kate Moss used to model for Calvin Klein in the ’90s. I was totally in love with her then. I wanted to be her. So I ate lots of lettuce and forced my mom to buy me a white bikini. Which was totally ridiculous because I was so young and should not have been allowed to wear one. The weird thing is that day she didn’t blink at the white bikini but we got in a … Continued

Roundup 03.19

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Photo-on-2010-03-18-at-17.47-5It was it was a fast blast of a week. Starting of the week at MTV Canada watching the taping of The Aftershow with Kelly Cutrone (full post to come later) was pretty amazing and a great start to the week. Then I spent two and a half days not leaving the house to get some serious reading, writing, and research done. That was a blast. Really not. No gym this week which is horrible but I did manage to inhale enough chocolate chip mint ice cream (my ode to St. Patrick’s Day) and chocolate mounds to make up for … Continued

Ke$ha’s too blah-sé

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Screen-shot-2010-03-18-at-1.02.41-PM  If you happened to catch Ke$ha’s performance last night on American Idol then you already know that she donned a headdress during the last part of her performance of “Blah, Blah, Blah.” The outrage that immediately followed in the Native community was huge. I didn’t get it. I missed the performance (I seem to do that a lot, I guess I should increase my television viewing time?) Anyhow everyone was noticeably upset and angry about the whole situation. Jessica Yee wrote a wonderful piece on Racalicious a few years ago when Juliette Lewis wore a headband with feathers called … Continued