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Week 5: Gymetiquette

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anne_deadlift195_10_06Don’t be a scary sally.  Photo from Anne Keckler.   Okay here’s the crazy story: Yesterday while at the gym I finish stretching out and notice my mat is a little bit wet because I was totally sweaty from my run on the treadmill (a little tmi). So I go to sanitize it and wipe it up and notice that the bottle is empty so I go across the room and pick up the other one and clean away. I put the sanitizer next to the empty one for the next person who finds themselves in my predicament. La dee … Continued homepage homerun

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msn_page     Photos courtesy of Design + Conquer Last Thursday, February 26th, was a pretty epic day for me. I wrote a story for on spring fashion trends and it was picked up for the homepage. Not only was it on the homepage (I have had that happen before) but it was on the first quadrant. If you don’t know, is Canada’s  #1 most visited portal so that is why it is particularly thrilling. Also Canadian jewelry designer Design + Conquer basked in the same glow as their earrings were featured in the middle photo. How amazing is … Continued

Roundup 02.26

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Cowgirl  Ta Da. Photo from Getty Images So this week was a total insane write off bit of a gong show. I have five, yes five, weeks left of school and the pressure is on. Not one to do a half-arse job on anything I have been working myself ragged trying to do well both in school and in my freelance writing world. I even had to cancel not one but two fabulous dinner reservations out with my girlfriends (one was even a birthday celebration). I passed out on the couch almost every night when I couldn’t work anymore and … Continued

Clear Prep FX Giveaway

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cover-fxThis week I was fortunate enough to be invited to Cover FX’s first ever beauty blogging event. It was a fabulous night of flawless face camp. I will share the full deets with you later this week, but some of you may have noticed that I got a sweet little swag bag full of products to test and review for you. So I have this sweet little treat for you ladies who are interested in trying out this ClearPrep FX foundation primer. This one is perfect for you who have oily skin as it also acts as a blemish treatment … Continued

Pinch this ginch

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Picture-11  ‘Firm Eagle’ underwear from Ginch Gonch I feel like this post should come with a warning label: “This may be offensive to some viewers.” I know that many of you dear readers are academics and think a lot about such things as cultural appropriation while others may be North West Coast Natives (and/or artists) and be offended by the representation. I think this idea of underwear is awesome. While the eagle design is a little tacky, and more reminiscent of the ’50s kitsch that was made in China and pawned off “Authentic Aboriginal Art” (sound familiar?) it still makes … Continued

I want more of Maria Samora

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leaf  Leaf. 18 K gold with diamonds. Seedpod. 18 K gold and Japanese saltwater pearl Corndance necklace. 18 K gold with turquoise Summer Rain. 18 K gold with Japanese turquoise. All photos from Maria Samora’s site. It’s hard to pick favorites from Pueblo designer Maria Samora’s jewelry line. Every piece is stunning, modern, and of the best quality. Although it is Native, it is necessarily literally translated from the past. That’s what makes her great. She offers a fresh perspective and gives the art and fashion world a chance to rethink what they think Native American jewelry is supposed to … Continued

Week 4: Workout Rewards II

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Picture-15This rewarding myself for working out is really, ahem, working out. This week I have been feeling like I am not getting the results I want (I am sure those chocolate and steak binges aren’t helping me at all). So I increased my cardio to fifteen minutes per workout. Yes I know it’s still not a lot, but I hate cardio hardcore so I am forcing myself to do it anyways. I did the initial consultation at Snap Fitness which was only moderately useful. I did get my BMI which is way, way higher than I want so I really … Continued

Urban Warrior: Vanessa Wilde

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VanessaWilde All photos courtesy of Vanessa Wilde Vanessa Wilde (Navajo Nation) of Denver/Durango, Colorado is an artist and a graphic designer. She tells UNGS the ten things she can’t live without. 1.  My Moleskine and penBecause these are my creative weapons and means of expression. 2. CameraWhether it be a vintage Pentax or a point & shoot, I love to capture the world around me. 3. My Surly CreamrollerI believe that a world without cars is a possibility and that everyone will ride bikes as their sole means of transportation. It’s good for you – plain and simple. 4. CS4What is … Continued

Les Coquettes ‘Love Story’

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19074_336019915943_300622255943_5246584_3890131_n     Photo courtesy of Ryan Visima of VTography Well I thought I had seen it all. I have been to three whole burlesque shows you know. I thought I was fairly “seasoned.” But no, my expectations were exceeded last Saturday at the Les Coquettes ‘A Love Story’ show for Valentine’s Day. While I have met, and seen a few of the troupe members perform before. Nothing had prepared me and the six other people I came with for a show of this caliber right in our Ossington backyard. We caught the first of two shows at The LOT,  a … Continued


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CG-36-CCowgirl-on-Fence-PostersPicture from Indian Summer Vintage NEWS -The post I wrote ‘2010 Olympics Token Tribute’ went viral (and yes that’s a good thing). The Georgia Straight re-posted it on their Olympics blog. They are Vancouver’s lifestyle and entertainment weekly (similar to Now Magazine in Toronto) and thus basically awesome. So happy that they chose my message to post. -An article I did profiling Nadya Kwandibens for This Magazine was posted on Utne Reader’s Blog page. Utne is an alternative and independent liberal media that I have been a fan of for a while. I feel very honoured to have had my … Continued

Alano Edzerza for Team Nederlands

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toque_back-copy        All images from Edzerza Gallery Have you noticed just how, ahem Canadian, the Nederlands team uniforms are? That’s thanks to Alano Edzerza. This artist is Raven Clan of the Tahltan Nation and is just about to turn thirty years old. He designed the eagle that is showcased on many of the designs you see above. He is definitely a talent to watch as he has already been included in many exhibitions, including the traveling Challenging Traditions, which is headed to Switzerland, and a few pieces in Heard Museum. He was awarded the 2009 B.C. Aboriginal Business Award … Continued

My Valentine Status

Native-Vintage-Valentine-Girl  Image from Vintage Valentine Museum This Valentine’s Day I am being, well, rather cliché , and pondering love. My boyfriend of over a year is non-Native. Yup, he’s a white guy. In August 2008, I wrote a post about Bloodlines and how I was choosing to date only Native guys. Then in October 2008, I met him and fell in love. I didn’t mean to fall in love with a white guy, we just spent time together and I discovered such an amazing person. Our chemistry simply worked. It did take me a while to get over the fact … Continued

Week 3: Workout Rewards

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il_430xN.116468822   Photo from onelifejewelry   I have been totally lazy feeling a little sick these past few weeks and kind of fell of the gym routine (and only in January – yikes!). Luckily I got my motivation back, sparked by @unmarketing ‘s UnBootcamp which he offered on Twitter for UnStudents. It’s five weeks to build your business. I took the first week and I am already reaping the rewards. My brand is me so I can apply these strategies to myself, my life, and my goals in such an easy and applicable manner. So my goal setting for the first … Continued

2010 Olympic Ceremonies Highlight

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Wolf-ClanDennis Thomas of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation When I finally got to watch the Olympic ceremonies (after original broadcast) I couldn’t help but notice how hot this Native guy was who did the final welcome from the Four Host Nations. I took this Twitpic of him much to everyone’s delight on Facebook and Twitter so in case you missed it, here it is in all it’s, ahem, glory. His name is Dennis Thomas of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (Burrard Indian Band). Now I know that recently I was critiquing the use of wolves in avatars and on tee-shirts (can you say uber-cheese?), … Continued

2010 Olympics Token Tribute

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anti-olympic-thunderbird  No Olympics on Stolen Lands logo Last night while the Olympic ceremonies were being broadcast, I was left thinking of bigger issues; like the genocide of First Nations people in Canada. I had just watched Niigaanibatowaad: Frontrunners which discusses one link of sport and residential abuse. The movie (which evolved from a play) follows Thomas through his experiences in residential school and his subsequent guilt and pain. This film brings to light the effects of residential school. Thomas was selected to participate as a runner in the 1967 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg. In 1999 he was honoured at … Continued