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Ladies Night

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17171_424128335190_604400190_10817726_1956069_n  Before it all began Jam and juice en route to ze spot So a few week back I had my first “Ladies Night Out” organized by my dear friend Miss Amerika. She had a fabulous idea to get all of her girls together for epic nights out (warning: I may overuse the word “epic” in this post). We are all practically married happily coupled up and sometimes need a night out and about with strictly the girls to remember how hot and how silly we all are.  First stop: Pravda. Awesome sauce, I know the bouncer who let’s us … Continued

Found: Feather Fabric

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il_fullxfull.104566368Photo from Aunt June Etsy Shop How adorable is this fabric for some old-fashioned sewing projects? Seriously feather illustrations or just about anything with a feather in it (or on it) I love. These are printed on quilting cotton and are sold in quarter yards for $8 USD but available in larger quantities and in different fabrics upon special request. I think they would make great spring/summer throw cushions for a couch. What would you use it for? N.B. Aunt June’s Etsy Shop

My Twitterversary

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Picture-14Photo from ProBlogger Today marks the one year anniversary of my being on Twitter. It’s a proud moment in history. I wish I could remember my first tweet though … It was probably something like “It’s my first tweet” or “Just checking out this Twitter thing” or something equally as amateur. Not that I am a super savvy social media sweetheart or anything just yet (unlike miss @CarolZara and @casiestewart who are total Tweethearts) but I totally remember those awkward, clueless beginning moments. Who knew I would become completely and utterly addicted and be annoying all my RL (real life) … Continued

Week 2: Snap Fitness

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Snap_Fitness  So in my efforts to get back into the gym and get into shape I went to check out Snap Fitness on Roncesvalles, which is the closest gym to my house. I went in with very little expectations because the gym is pretty small and not exactly a high-end gym like King West Fitness in Liberty Village which I am used to.  Watching you.   Top floor  Bottom floor When I first went into the gym there was no one there to answer any of my questions so I stood around wondering what was going on for like five … Continued

Tono: Canada, China, and Mongolia oh my!

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The-Great-WallWhen I was fourteen years old I had the amazing opportunity to go to China. I was a gymnast and at the gym I went to we had a few coaches that used to Coach the Chinese Olympic team so they set up a trip and a team of us young gymnasts headed on over. It was an amazing three weeks which exposed me to a new culture and to new experiences. We even got to train with the Chinese Olympic team at their headquarters. One experience that I will never forget is when I was on The Great Wall … Continued

Too Native or not Native enough?

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Picture-24Hey everybody, I got a shot out from another blog, called China which is about “Ideas on the Production of Alternative and DIY Fashion.” Shiloh Sukkau has some interesting finds on her posts about fashion, jewelery, and crafters and she does her own sewing and crafting which she documents. I love getting shot outs, and this particular one really interested me and got me thinking. Shiloh says my blog is “a little too focused on pop culture for my personal taste” which is fair because it’s her opinion, but my guess is she wants more Native influences in more of … Continued

Kinnie Starr in Toro Magazine

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15f50b93-9f72-a854-69fe-f097541fe2aa18          Not sure how I missed this steamy, sexy editorial and interview of one of my favorite songstresses, Kinnie Starr, in Toro Magazine last January, but I did. Thank goodness I recently discovered it so I can share it with all of you. Aside from being beautiful, Kinnie is an amazingly talented singer who I have enjoyed for many years now. Check out her tunes as she is sure not to dissapoint. NB: Kinnie Starr’s MySpace Page        Kinnie Starr’s Facebook Fan Page

Week I: Sudbury 99

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IMG_2020The second floor stretching room   Last week I confessed that I haven’t been working out, so I decided to get into gear and try 99 Sudbury to see how I liked it. This is because my friend Micheline works out there and that way we could bitch and work our biceps all at the same time. I decided to finally start The Body Sculpting Bible for Women regime since I do much better when I am working on a set plan then when I am left to my own devices. Plus the plan sounds relatively simple with only 8 … Continued

Igloo Village

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finland-kakslauttanen-glass-igloo.jpg_2092326501   Glass igloo anyone? Photos from Travelphant Can’t get enough of the cold and snow this year? Why not take a trip over to Northern Finland and enjoy your stay in an igloo. There are two types available over at Hotel Kakslauttanen, the glass version and the snow version. The glass one looks like clear transparent ice and it is meant for guests to enjoy the northern lights from the cozy confines of a room temperature dwelling.   Northern lights. Photos from Travelphant If that sounds too comfortable for you there is a regular snow igloo for you to enjoy. … Continued

Elisapie Issac

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Elisapie_IsaacCover_350  Photo from, photo by Ivanoh Demers I got home a few weeks back to a new CD sitting on my desk. I was told she was Inuk and does a blend of pop and folk music that I am so fond of, and that she sings in her own language. Well it has been on constant replay in my iTunes playlist since then. Elisapie Isaac is a talented Inuk singer, composer, and filmmaker who has just released her first solo album, ‘There Will Be Stars,’ this past September. She is one half of TAIMA, which won a Juno … Continued

Hot Native Model in FLARE Magazine

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ek1              Photos from Elmer Olsen Models Check out Mohawk model Tara Gill in the January 2010 edition of FLARE Magazine. She looks stunning. Max Abadian is the photographer for this accessories story.    See related posts: –Native model in Bazaar spread –Laing Love

Urban Warrior: Waawaate Fobister

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n510473643_611073_3629Photo for promotion for Waawaate’s play Agokwe Waawaate as ‘Goose’ in his play Agokwe Waawaate Fobister (Anishnaabe from Grassy Narrows, Ontario) of Toronto, Ontario is an award-winning actor and playwright. He graduated from Humber College in Theatre Performance in 2005. His debut play Agokwe won 6 Dora Awards in 2009. He is currently working on a film script. Waawaate tells UNGS the top ten things he can’t live without. 1. Lady GagaRight now I am really into her.  I love music that makes me dance and I love to dance. Even in the shower I dance to Lady Gaga.  2. … Continued

Top Ten Albums of the Decade

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16931_847300750398_5742550_47561923_6126381_n   Erika Archer Erika Archer (singer, dancer, pow wow dancer) tells UNGS the top ten albums that have moved her this decade. 1. ‘N Sync “No Strings Attached” (2000)  ‘N Sync released this album during this time I was a huge ‘N Sync fan; Justin Timberlake being my favorite (of course). I could not wait to get my hands on their brand new album which in 2001 ended up being nominated for a Grammy award. Great songs, handsome guys, and great dancing who wouldn’t love these guys right? 2. Michael Jackson “Invincible” (2001)  With anything coming from Michael “the love … Continued

Dirty Hair Halo

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DHH-1  All photos from Dirty Hair Halo Once upon a time I was an aspiring fashion stylist. I started back in Vancouver, but it ended up leading me to pursuing a degree in Professional Writing. I started and stopped a few times in Toronto since I have been back but it’s hard to pursue while you are in school full-time (and don’t have a trust fund). Anyhow, I have since reigned in my fashion whims for a more practical, austere writer’s wardrobe. I started reading Dirty Hair Halo’s blog about a month ago. Every single time I am on her … Continued

eighth generation t-shirt giveaway

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louie_dragonshirtKris Hohag showing off the Dragon Shirt.   Dragon design print on t-shirt. Photos from Eighth Generation And now for the very first giveaway of the year, drumroll please, it’s a ladies t-shirt from Louie Gong. If you haven’t heard of him before, he has a company called Eighth Generation that is responsible for all those Coast Salish designed Vans you might have spotted on various Facebook pages and peeps rocking them around Indian Country. Louie an Indigenous person of mixed heritage (Nooksack, Chinese, French, Scottish) who grew up in Ruskin, BC and in the Nooksack tribal community. He has … Continued