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Tomahawk Tassels

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l_2d006655a17c9f8f7113ecac06cb4482Photos from Tomahawk Tassels MySpace Check out Tomahawk Tassels “The Cherokee Seductress.” She is a burlesque dancer who is based out of New Orleans, but travels to various burlesque shows all over the world (she took part in the London Burlesque Festival last April). Her outfit and her performance are quite campy and kitschy. She states on her MySpace that her ethnicity is Native American, although she hasn’t responded to my request in further information regarding her heritage. When doing research for a burlesque article for Spirit Magazine last year I realized that there are a lot of debates about … Continued

Clarence Two Toes

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ClarencePhoto from Ryan McMahon’s Website While the news broke on Twitter, it was Fort Frances Times (FFT) who got the scoop, Clarence Two Toes (the hilarious character by Ojibway/Metis comedian Ryan McMahon) is going to be made into a television series. It started as a comedy podcast, and in the past six months, Ryan told FFT has been talking with many big name production companies that have ties to Los Angeles. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the series, you are in for a surprise, because his small town, Northern Indian humour is hilarious and grows on … Continued

Arctic Safari Hermès

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200909_HermesFW09AdCamp3Photos from I want- I got Thanks to I want- I got I came across this Hermès ad campaign for Fall/Winter 2009/2010. Gorgeous images that give off an extreme Arctic vibe. Their campaign last Fall/Winter had a Mongolian feel to it that was a little tribal and very chic. Photo from Fashiontography Back to the arctic safari, those fur hoodies remind me of the Canadiana designer Linda Lundström‘s famous LeParka. She almost went out of business entirely earlier last year. She has a history of First Nations partnerships and working with traditional trappers as well as raising awareness for First … Continued

Oh no Souzi

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Native-CardI found this really cute card while shopping for a birthday card for my friend on Queen Street. I thought it was totally adorable, kitschy and fun so I wanted to share it on my blog for you all to see. But when I researched a little deeper to find out more about the card, I was in for an upsetting surprise. The card is made by a company called Momiji, which are collectible friendship dolls, which I am sure are hot on the tween set. They even have a little space on their base where you can tuck in … Continued

Oh Siouxsie

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siouxsie-and-the-bansheesSo clearly I have actually been living under a tipi for the last thirty years because I have never heard of Siouxsie and the Banshees. But never mind, I have never been into the punk or gothic scene, and I grew up in a very sheltered (read: religious fanatic) home so I missed out on a lot of music in the eighties and nineties. But I do love this poster, I think it is such as statement about all that is hot in fashion right now: neon, Native-inspired fashion, black punky ’80s edgy gear, and even animal prints. Not that … Continued


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johnny-2-147eAll photos from James Bird’s Page No not that Johny, Johnny LaRusso. An upcoming actor who I think is fresh on the Hollywood circuit (I vaguely remember an article about him months ago). He is of mixed ancestry (Vietnamese mother and a Native American/Scandinavian father) and totally is rocking that Native vibe. Check out these new photos of him taken by James Bird (an upcoming LA fashion photographer). They are very interesting and beautiful photographs. Also if you check out James Bird’s site, it is full of gorgeous imagery, and has a very Native feel, given the heavy dosages of … Continued

Lustrous Locks

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biosilk3Photo from Want shiny locks? Well yes of course you do . . . I have long, dark hair and I am obsessed with making it look as healthy and shiny as can be. Well, who doesn’t want hair that looks like you stepped off of a Pantene commercial? I use a serum in my hair, normally I use Biosilk Silk Therapy, but lately I have tried out drugstore brand John Frieda Collection’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum to great success. But with over-styling and using my flat iron too much, I have felt a little listless in my locks, and … Continued

Falling for Follis

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glamourai_flatlander1wPhoto from the glamourai Photo from the glamouraiPhoto from Follis website In my continued “searching for the most-perfect-huge-fall-bag ever” I came across this beautiful bag by way of tastemaker, Kelly of the glamourai blog. I love her look with the black skinny Hudson jeans, cotton t, and oversized menswear-inspired vest but I L-O-V-E the gorgeous black Follis bag. It’s called Julia and it looks like it would house my new notebook (that I am also on the Hunt for Mini-October) and my digi-camera and my wallet and Moleskin. It looks like it is only sold in New York, so I … Continued

Beauty Baby!

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3441426965_50ee576d16My girlfriend lent me this book ‘Confessions of a Beauty Addict’ noting that it would be perfect for me being that I am a writer, love beauty, and was interning at a fashion magazine. Well little did she know that she had started to create a monster. Of course I love beauty, and have been avidly reading beauty in magazines since I was too little to understand the advice. Wrinkle cream at 11 years old? But when I started reading this book I was hooked, I want to write more about beauty and have more beauty around me at all … Continued

Bella? No Cosabella . . .

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68e3aa71f461b24601932dac11765dd7_largeTuesday afternoon and the sun is hot and blaring down on the green grass patch at York University. I have two hours to kill between classes and a textbook (yawn) to read. So I sit myself down and soak up some vitamin D while getting my readings done for the week. I was relaxed, feeling good, and at peace. Then some guy comes up to me “Excuse me, uhhh this is going to sound really wrong.” Oh no, I want to just stop him now thinking he’s gonna be all ‘hey, what’s going on . . . blah, blah, blah.’ … Continued

Holy Cowichan

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78bcC7E90743fdaD__galleryMeghan Fox wearing a TNA sweater TNA Fall ’09 Design TNA Fall ’09 Cowichan-inspired toque Granted Fall ’09 Design Granted Fall ’09 Design Granted Fall ’09 Design Granted Fall ’09 Cowinchan-inspired men’s vestGranted Fall ’09 Cowichan-inspired legwarmers – cuuute! I have been lusting after a Cowichan sweater these past few seasons. Unfortunately I only seem to come across the ones from TNA at Aritzia. I just can’t get over their logo in the Cowichan design, however I like the snug fit of their sweaters. Their is Granted clothing in Vancouver that makes some wicked designs, but are a little pricey … Continued

Urban Warrior: Erika Archer

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Erika-Hot-picPhoto by JJones Photography.  Erika Archer (Meherrin Nation of North Carolina) of Fort Washington, Maryland is currently pursuing her dream career in the entertainment industry (singing, dancing, acting, and modeling) and tells UNGS the ten things she can’t live without.   1. Dancing I love hip hop, contemporary, powwow, modern, and well I love it all …  2. My iPhone 3G My favorite applications are for Facebook and MySpace. 3. My Macbook I have a Macbook and I love iMovie and my webcam on it because they help me stay in contact with all of my long distance friends that … Continued

Scout it Out

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6a00e554f1ae9388330120a55e1810970b-piPics from Vode Vintage Blogspot Pic from Newspaper Rock Multi-purpose case from iOffer Found this spread online via Twitter. I don’t know much about these pics unfortunately except they are posted by Cocktail Chic in her Vintage Series Pic post. Kitschy, commodified, and interesting. It reminds me of this SPIRIT cover that Nadya Kwandibens shot last year for the cover to complement my feature story on Natives in burlesque dancing. Also reminds me of this cool business card holder I found while searching online for a fun purse pill box.

Turning over a new leaf

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New-LeafIllustration from a Fashion Industry Blog Things have been slow for me on the blog front for the past two months. No, it’s not because I have jumped of the blog train and hopped on the Twitter train (although if you really want to stalk me, that is mos def the way to go). I have been busy with acing my online technology class, freelance writing lifestyle, fashion, and beauty articles, and interning at a lifestyle and a fashion magazine. These experiences over the summer have begun to propel me forward in a slightly new direction. I am once again … Continued