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Luscious Lashes

Categories: Beauty

eyeIs that your phone? No it’s my mascara. Vibrating mascara wands are very hot these days with the L’Oreal Oscillation, Estee Lauder’s TurboLash and the Maybelline Pulse Perfection. So I got a special invite via Matchstick to test it out. Of course I buzzed at the chance but some late deliveries and confusion got me a little behind in the game. At first, I found the mascara freaked me out a little bit (in an exciting way) because of it’s vibrating wand, but it is quite minimal so I got used to that really quick. I think that this mascara … Continued

Writing Tip

Categories: Personal

248-107I have to do a lot of writing (almost) on a daily basis. I have taken a bit of a summer vacation on the blog front, but not to worry I have still been busy writing in other avenues. In my first year in Professional Writing at York University I took one of my most useful classes with Professor Peter Paolucci. He gave me the following advice about writing, which I still employ and makes me sane on a weekly basis. When I feel overwhelmed by writing, I take out my timer and put it on for 15 minutes, and … Continued

Replay’s got some Native Play

Categories: Fashion

ReplayWhile perusing a November 2008 British GQ at my internship (in the name of research of course) I came across this Replay advertisement that got my pulse rate up. Yes, they were featuring Native men in this ad. And not Middle Eastern/Italian/Fill-in-the-ethnicity here men pretending to be Native, but real Native American men. I think this is a great step in the right direction for inclusiveness and portrayal. Sure the guy on the right is a tad bit smoking, but the guy on the left is handsome, but also not so stereotypically hot. I was so excited about this ad, … Continued