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From Rags to Riches V: Banish Big-Box

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5988-043030I finally switched around the title to this series. I started with “from riches to rags” due to my spending too much money in Las Vegas last February and living high and crashing home and hitting low. Now I feel the tables have turned and I am ready to embrace riches again. Really, I am ready. I have been keeping tabs on my spending for over four months now and I am proud of my mindfulness. I have been watching every dollar go in and out of my wallet and writing down the direction at which it is being spent. … Continued

I can’t see (the reasoning)

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Status-CardI have to get new glasses. This seems like a normal, exciting time where one shops the market, carefully selects the new frame that will make the fashion or sometimes non-fashion statement that one is hoping to project to the world and voila – geek chic – and time to move on. But not for an Indian. For status First Nations in Canada it can be a time filled with dread. Just like dentist offices, it is when we have to pull out our Certificate of Indian Status (we have extended health care coverage through Native Insured Health Benefits) and … Continued

Monkman and Stimson Oh My

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Page-1-CDThank goodness for social marketing. My new favorite liberal magazine, Canadian Dimension, made a Facebook group that alerted me to the appearance of acclaimed Aboriginal Artist Kent Monkman in their summer Queer issue. I was so excited I actually was waiting for it’s appearance on a newstand near me (I would say it’s high time for a subscription already). So when I finally got my hands on it, I just knew I had to share it, especially for you readers down south. The piece is a Q & A with Monkman and Aboriginal Artist Adrian Stimson on Two Spirited people … Continued

Totem it up

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totem01Check out these adorable totem mugs. Recently featured in Toronto Life, they are designed by Ontario College of Art and Design graduate Rob Southcott. They are sold in a set of four for $82 and available in the Canadian filled shelves at The Drake General Store. Love love love.

Hair Affair

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62809wrapdress460WebLately I have been thinking of cutting my hair. It is long and really just needs a trim, but I have found myself fantasizing of a shorter (read: shoulder length) hair cut. Until I saw this photo from Sartorialist. Decision made. Just a trim for this one, as soon as my lovely stylist Rachelle White Wind gets herself back to Toronto …

The end of an era

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malibu_1Mock up photo of Malibu Condos Ze neighborhoodless area But I will miss that dishwasher I just finished moving out of my studio condo at Lakeshore et Bathurst and into a one bedroom apartment in the High Park area. It is a major shift for me because once again I am moving from downtown to the boondocks (well not quite, but if the cab ride from King/Queen West is $10+ home then it is far). When I moved to the Malibu building I was so excited to be closer to downtown (moved from High Park area – how weird), to … Continued

Cabin fever cider

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IMG_0736The other day I found this locally brewed cider at my hot dog vendor. No seriously, I was at the Buddha Dog on Roncesvalles and they had this cool packaged cider just sitting there on their shelf. I haven’t had a cider since I was about 16 years old but I just had to try it. It was kind of like apple pop, yummm, perfect for those days when you’re at the cottage, the lake, or even a backyard barbecue. Or for days like today when you just have cabin fever and wish you were at the cottage. Waupoos Cider … Continued