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New Years Eve Part-ay

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Picture-1So I was debating about what to do this New Years Eve between a big party here in the city or chillaxing at the cottage and being cozy by the fireplace. Decisions, decisions. So I finally made up my mind and I am here in Toronto to party! The event I am going to is called ‘Top of the Burroughes NYE Modern Masquerade’ which I am super excited for because it “is in the spirit of Truman Capote’s infamous Black and White Ball.” Who doesn’t love a party with a little bit of history?           Some pics … Continued

Burgundy Baby

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Lisa-84-Burgundy-Outfit   Charlie at 4 yo in her burgundy onesie Looking through old photos recently I came across this one of me when I was about four years old. This is a special picture because it was taken of me in an outfit hand-picked by father (who sadly passed later that year) and is the focus of my mother’s favorite story of me when I was a young girl. I was going to pre-kindergarten and wore this particular outfit to my class (on the rez). There was a game were we all sat cross-legged on the floor clapping and singing “Who’s … Continued

Currently obsessing: Mid-century modern credenzas

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teak-credenza  This ones online and a good deal, but a little too “teak.” It has been almost six months since I have moved in with my boyfriend. He has been a bachelor for over seven years in our current abode, and the place is in definite need of a complete overhaul some new furnishings. We started with the couch. We bought one last month from EQ3 and are waiting for the delivery. The next piece that we are looking to purchase is a TV entertainment unit of sorts.   Our EQ3 couch, but ours is dark grey. I am loving … Continued

Navajo Princess for a night

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tiara-silver-turq-2 Tiara was available on eBay here. I found this tiara a while back but could not think of a single reason why one might wear it (apart from a Navajo wedding or winning a Miss Navajo title or something). Then I had a sudden brainstorm – for New Years Eve of course! What other night can you be decadent and decide to pull of a tiara just for fun. This one is sadly already sold on eBay, but if you are so lucky as to live in New Mexico or Arizona, then perhaps you might just find one at a … Continued

Merry Xmas!

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Native-SnowmanPhoto from Zazzle Merry Xmas everyone! I hope you all are having a very festive holiday season and enjoying the day with your loved ones.  I am in Toronto this year spending my second Xmas with R’s family. Last night we had a turkey dinner complete with special gluten-free sausage stuffing for me and this morning we started the day with mimosas – yummeroni. Now that’s the way to start a holiday! Very much looking forward to a lovely prime rib dinner tonight at R’s sister’s gorgeous home. Oh my goodness it’s just pure indulgence right now, that’s kind of … Continued

Found: Raven Cuff Links

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Haida-Cuff-Links_AlanoPhoto from Edzerza Gallery I am pretty smitten with these cuff links. I can just imagine going out for New Years Eve and seeing my man looking both dashing and smart in his crisp cotton dress shirt complete with these hot cuff links. Okay bursting the bubble now. Anyhow these are pretty stellar and remind me a lot of those cuff links I saw my friend Greg Dreaver wearing when we all hung out last month. I love these even more because they are of a Raven, and I am Raven Clan. You see how that works? These hand-finished, cast … Continued

Breaking the cycle

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drink-coffeePhoto from Almost a month ago I decided to stop drinking coffee. I was drinking 1-2 cups every morning and was totally dependent on it to start my day. Seriously. I would wake up and lie in bed and start thinking about that lovely first cup of coffee and that would be my motivation to get up (after checking my Twitter, email, and Facebook on my iPhone of course). Something is not right about that scenario (and it’s definitely not the iPhone part). So I ran out of my beans (Kicking Horse Three Sisters) and promptly decided to go … Continued

Starlight, Starbright

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11550_197001802524_598212524_3554867_166785_n  Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to find myself at my very first Starlight Burlesque show, and it was a Christmas show at that! I have had a fascination with burlesque dancing since I was assigned a story for SPIRIT Magazine on Native burlesque dancers back in December 2007. Recently I connected with Emmanuelle La Gitaneon Twitter, who is part Algonquin. So of course I was stoked to see what her troupe is up to in Toronto. The George Lake Swing Band Their Christmas show was at Blue Moon and had their troupe, which consists of performers Esther … Continued

Found: Gold Tank Dress

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Picture-2  Photo from Bluefly How hot is this gold tank dress from Romeo & Juliet Couture? I am totally lusting after it for a chic New Years Eve outfit. I think it would look totally smoking with Citizens of Humanity Avedon Jeans in black and these Jeffrey Campbell S&M platform patent ankle boots I have. It is on sale for $93 USD here. I think a little shimmer would look great for shaking and shimmying it up on New Years Eve.

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Happy-2nd-BirthdayToday marks the two year anniversary of my blog. If you want to read some mushy stuff about why I started my blog read here. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to start with my first blog giveaway. And not to fret, if this isn’t your style, or you just don’t wear stilettos, there are more to come.   If you are feeling that warrior princess vibe after watching Neytiri kick some butt on Avatar, then you might just be wanting to step up your strappy stilettos. This leather shoe strap accessory slips over the strap of your simple … Continued

Winter Blues

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poutEvery year I wonder to myself ‘Why do I live here?’ Don’t get me wrong, I really love Toronto, I do … just not during the months December to March. April through November are perfectly reasonable times to live here, but the cold, depressing months of December, January, February, and March are really too much to take. I grew up outside of Vancouver, BC where our winters required no more than a light fall coat. I think that is my threshold – a light wool fall coat is the most that I could possibly need to be equipped for winter. … Continued

Found: Elk pillow

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il_fullxfull.108780327Photo from Lines by Davis site I saw this pillow on poppytalks ‘Shop Local: Canada’ post a few days back. I totally fell in love with this cute little elk. It is made from vintage wool fabric and features the illustrations by Davis, a self-taught Toronto illustrator. It also has a removable, washable pillow case and has a feather pillow. It is available for $38.00 USD in his Etsy shop here. I think this is a perfect little cozy pillow that has the forest animal element that I currently am all over. Such a cute little elk, he is.

Love and loss

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n48908785_45005048_7763I want this kinda fun again Mirage @ Vegas 02.09 w/ Amberae (my “twindian”) and isKwe I had an exhausting day on Saturday. Not physically exhausting, but emotionally exhausting. I have decided that I am bored. Yes bored. I have spent the past five weeks almost entirely devoted to schoolwork and writing. So basically I spent days upon days at home and staring at my wall in between writing feverishly. Oh the glamorous life of a writer. Really sexy. Not so much. I am missing my friends and those fancy dinners I used to go out on, and the shopping … Continued

My Xmas Wish List

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Picture-31Okay here is my xmas wish list, and a wish list it is! Oy vey this one has “champagne tastes on a beer budget” as my mother would say.  But hey “I may be a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” That’s all.  Native Movies I have a desire to own every single Native themed film released on DVD. I am still not sure why I want all of them, even the racist or just C movies, but I think they will come in real handy at some point in the future. For now I am just collecting … Continued

Found: "Icelandic" Hat and Mittens

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1H2YM9PCPhoto from Orvis site In my research today on a piece for shopping website I came across this gem. I am not sure why I immediately became somewhat obsessed about this set, but the casual cool of the design and the aesthetic of it all I loved. Oh and maybe because it is absolutely freezing outside in Toronto,, and the second day of our snowfall and the first day I faced the great outdoors. Yeah that might have a little something to do with it. Anyhow totally adorable and made of nylon and faux fur so it’s kosher. The … Continued